Q. How long is the Cosmetology Apprenticeship program?

A. The Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program is 1000 hours which is required by the Commonwealth of

      Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology and Barbering.


Q. What is the difference between the regular Cosmetology Program and the Apprenticeship Program?

A. The Apprenticeship program will contain a portion of the program where the student will earn hours for

      school while being paid for working in a salon. 

Q. Will I need a High School Diploma or equivalent?

A. No

Q. Is this a paid Apprenticeship Program?

A. Yes, the employer, salon, must follow all Massachusetts state labor laws.


Q. What will be the curriculum for the Apprenticeship Program?

A. The Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program curriculum is the same mandated by the Massachusetts Board of 

      Cosmetology and Barbering, it is as follows:

             Subjects for Cosmetology Program

            Manicure (12.5 hours of Artificial Nail Technique

            Hair Straightening & Permanent Waving


            Finger Waving

            Skin Care/Make-up/Facial Grooming

            Wig Instruction and Scalp Treatment

            Coloring – Dyes and Bleaching Haircutting

            Oral, Written, and Practical Tests: Sterilization, Hygiene, and Anatomy ,Ethics, Salesmanship, Courtesy,&              Conduct, Instruction and Lecture on Sanitation. 

            Marcelling and all Iron Curls


Q. May I work at any Salon?

A. No, the Salon must meet the criteria which will be established by the Board, for example, the Salon will be 

     required to report to school the hours  the student worked every month.

Q. Will the school help me find an approved Apprentice Salon?

A. Yes


Q. What happens if I am working in a Salon and I no longer want to work there?

A.  The school will work to find you another Salon.


Q. May I do more than the minimum number of hours the Board will require in a school?

A. Yes, you could do the entire 1000 hours in the school if you choose.


Q. What is the total cost of the program?

A. The total cost of the program will be based on the minimum hours the Board will require the student do in the

      school. For example if the Apprenticeship Program is a minimum of 600 hours in school and a maximum  of

      400 hours in a salon:

            Tuition:600 (X) 12.85 =     7710.00

            Registration fee:                       50.00

            Kit, Books, Supplies:            950.00

            Tax:                                               44.08

            Lab Coat                                      30.00

            Total:                                     $8784.08*

            (This is a guesstimate until we receive Board requirements)


Q. Does Mansfield Beauty Schools offer Financial Aid?

A. No, the Apprenticeship program does meet the guidelines of accreditation or the Federal Title IV  Financial 

     Aid Programs. Mansfield Beauty Schools offers a Tuition Payment Plan.   

Q. What do I do if I have more questions?

A. This is a new program, please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to be contacted when

      information becomes available.


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