Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program

In December 2018, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology and Barbering approved a 1000 Hour Cosmetology Paid Apprenticeship Program.  The Program contains the same curriculum as the Cosmetology program, the difference is you are in school for a minimum of 600 hours and working in an approved Apprentice Salon for 400 hours instead of being in the school’s student clinic. Mansfield Beauty Schools has designed the academic and practical portion of the curriculum to be completed in 600 hours. Mansfield Beauty Schools charges for the 600 hours(hours completed in the school).  Mansfield Beauty Schools does not charge for the hours the Apprentice does in the Apprentice Salon.

The curriculum is as follows:

Subjects for Cosmetology Program
Manicure Hair Straightening and Permanent Waving
Finger Waving
Skin Care/Make-up/Facial Grooming
Wig Instruction and Scalp Treatment
Coloring – Dyes and Bleaching
Oral, Written, and Practical Tests: Sterilization, Hygiene, and Anatomy
Ethics, Salesmanship, Courtesy, and Conduct
Instruction and Lecture on Sanitation
Marcelling and all Iron Curls
1.   How long is the Cosmetology Apprenticeship program?
2.  What is the difference in the Cosmetology Apprenticeship program                
3.   Is this a paid Apprenticeship Program?
4.   Will I need a High School Diploma or equivalent?
5.   May I work at any Salon?
6.   Will the school help me find an approved Apprentice Salon?
7.   What happens if I am working in a Salon and I no longer want  to work there?
8.   I do more than the minimum number of hours the Board will require in a school?
9.   What is the total cost of the program?
10.  What do I do if I have more questions?
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